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Welcome to St. Mary's

Welcome to St. Mary's Episcopal Church overlooking Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island NY.
Who Are We?

We are a worshiping community of mutual ministry & education bound by our baptismal promises to serve God & God's people. We are a diverse parish-family whose source of unity is the love of Jesus, the Christ.

What Are We?

St. Mary's is part of the Anglican Communion which is a federation of autonomous national churches that are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury of England who holds a primary of honor—not power.

We are Catholic:

St. Mary's is a catholic church in that our faith centers around the scriptures which we take as a guide for our spiritual lives, yet we do not necessarily take everything in sacred scripture literally. We are a church embracing the ancient creeds & the sacraments and we continue the Apostolic Ministry of Bishops, Priests & Deacons.

We are Reformed:

We are reformed in the sense of the cleansing of many abuses & superstitions of the Middle Ages. As an Episcopal Church, we espouse unity in essentials and diversity with Christ's love in non-essentials. The sources of our theology are Scripture, Tradition, Reason & Life- Experience. We find & interpret in the Word of God those things necessary for responsible Christian living. From Tradition, we proclaim & interpret the church's first five & six centuries and proclamations from the Church of England in the sixteenth & seventeenth centuries. By our Reason, we use our rationality & critical abilities in our faith journey—Experience, that is, our ability to learn about God, neighbor & our relationship to both in our daily lives of work, joy & sorrow.

How Do We Worship at St. Mary's?

Our chief act of worship is the Eucharist which is also known as the Mass, & the Lord's Supper or Liturgy. In this sacramental sign we receive the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our union with Christ & with one another. Believing that the Eucharist is the sign & the means of Christian unity, we invite all the baptized who receive Communion in their own denominations to join us at the reception of the Body & Blood of Christ.

We celebrate the major feast days of our liturgical calendar & we remember at our liturgies, those persons, who in ancient history & contemporary society have been designated by the Church to be saints worthy of special remembrance. Our liturgical worship centers around our prayer book called The Book of Common Prayer.

What Else Is There?

So much more—outreach of our Food-Pantry, "Nearly-New" Thrift Shop—Women's, Men's & Youth Fellowship—Sunday School Christian Education —2 Choirs—Folk- Group-Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors Altar-Guild—Prayer Group—Acolytes, Ushers and much more.

Should You Visit Us?

Of course you should. Our church-building is open during the day for quiet prayer; Thursday Mass at 11:30 & 7:00 pm. Come pray with us on Sunday—be prepared for a hug, a smile & the warmth of Jesus.

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